The Calmest Horses

It’s a common joke among UVA students to ask someone “Did you see any horses?” after they’ve been to Foxfield, which speaks to the party atmosphere that occasionally eclipses the actual races for some attendees. Observant inebriates could have checked horses off their list early if they’d noticed this bucolic scene on their way to the event. These guys seemed rather languorous compared to their stressed out counterparts on the track. While we were stuck in traffic watching a parade of plaid, seersucker, and pastel stumble its way toward Garth Road, I jumped out of the car and ran over to a fence to get this picture.

The Last Jump

When the brown horse with the blue jockey hit the top part of the last jump, splintering the log into two pieces and sending them flying, you could tell everone’s heart skipped a beat. The same thing had happened to a horse last year, breaking its leg and causing it to hobble over to the fence until the horse ambulance arrived. Little did we know that “horse ambulance” is a bit of a misnomer, and its purpose was evidently quite unlike that of a human ambulance. Suffice it to say things did not end well for the injured equine. Fortunately this horse fared better, and seemed to trot off unharmed, but for this 1/1000 of a second you can see the look in the horse and jockey’s faces as they realize something has gone wrong.