Even Tigers Get Tired

This is Flash, the cat who thinks he’s a dog… or maybe something bigger. He’s been known to stalk the other cats in the house, chase foxes when outdoors, and he even stared down a deer once in our backyard (true story, there were witnesses). Every so often my Mom will get a call from someone several neighborhoods away saying they found a cat roaming around their yard and called the number on his collar. This actually happens less often than it should, since Flash has a tendency to escape from whatever collar is put on him.

Despite all that, on this particular day he was out for the count. This was early afternoon and he could barely keep his eyes open after we woke him up from his nap in the sun on a bench outside. I can only imagine what nighttime terror he inflicted on the small animals in our area to make him so sleepy.

Next week: Winter, or extracts thereof