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Upriver to Rosslyn

Arlington VA,HDR 26 March 2010 | 0 Comments

I’ve become a big fan of shooting the Rosslyn skyline. This is probably because, for one thing, it’s really the only skyline DC has; due to the height restriction on construction around the Capitol, all of the really tall buildings are grouped together just west of the Potomac. I noticed this great vantage point while biking around one afternoon over a bridge on Memorial Drive (this is actually within sight of The Hiker). According to Google Maps, the water you see here is the literal dividing line between DC and Virginia. It seems like such a peaceful stretch of water amidst the city and the view is obviously great, so I’m determined to explore it via kayak as soon as I get out on the Potomac this summer!

Electricity Stole Our Moonlight

Arlington VA,HDR,Winter 16 March 2010 | 1 Comment

One of the things I used to love about snow when I lived in the suburbs was looking outside at night and seeing the dark landscape illuminated by even the faintest rays of light from the moon. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen much outside our building in Arlington, but the consolation prize is this huge range of color temperatures from the street lamps and headlights. It’s a veritable rainbow of spectral artificiality. While being snowed in during the blizzard I popped my head outside and felt compelled to get a shot of this incredible variety of reflected light; it took longer than I thought and my feet started going numb while waiting for the exposures.

Fire Station 4 in Red

Arlington VA,HDR 5 March 2010 | 2 Comments

Right down the street from where I live is one of Arlington’s fire stations. Whenever I drive past it at night it always catches my eye because of the brilliant red hue imbued on it by the adjacent traffic lights.  I find it slightly ironic that the facade of this building dedicated to public safety looks so evocative of fire and danger. I’d been meaning to shoot this building for a few months and finally got it while I was wandering around with my camera around midnight; what I’d love to get next is a shot of the station with the bay doors open. I hear sirens going by my apartment all the time, so at some point when the engines roll by I’ll have to grab my gear and camp outside to await their return.

Side note: There seems to have been some kind of infant bathing safety campaign going on outside the station at the time I took this photo, visible in the bottom right. Some readers may be familiar with the characters. When did Peter grow a ‘stache?

The Hiker

Arlington VA,HDR,Statues 16 February 2010 | 1 Comment

On Memorial Drive leading up to Arlington National Cemetery there’s a long line of statues on either side of the road. I like this one because I think he looks particularly noble and adventurous, which probably befits the historical romanticization of our “splendid little war” with Spain around the turn of the last century. When I looked online for info on the statue I found out that this shot is way higher resolution than the pic on Arlington Cemetery’s visitor information page. Maybe they’d be amenable to switching it?

407R over Rosslyn

Arlington VA,Aviation,HDR 29 January 2010 | 4 Comments

On the morning of the Marine Corps Marathon I put my camera in a backpack and got on my bike. You really can’t beat biking around a major city on roads have been closed to all vehicular traffic. However, one thing that probably tops it is flying over a major city in a helicopter, which is what my Dad was doing at the time for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. After a few hours of pedaling around taking photos I got a call saying they would be resuming their air patrol after refueling, and I gave him my location for a fly-by. I got this shot right as they flew past the Memorial Bridge with the Rosslyn skyline stretching out behind them.

Technical note: unlike the other HDRs here so far, this one was developed from a single RAW file since the helicopter was moving way too fast to get three exposures that would line up properly. The best example of where the tonemapping process brings out detail in this photograph is the Sheriff star underneath the helicopter, which is completely blacked out in the “correctly exposed” original JPEG.

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