Last Light at Lakeport

Photo walks can be frustrating. The problem is that I generally know when I’ve gotten something good, but can’t be sure that I haven’t gotten anything usable until after I look through the photos at home. Hence my typical response to the mid-walk question of “Did you get anything?” is “I don’t know yet.” It’s hard to feel productive when you’ve walked around for hours and aren’t sure you’ve even got a single frame you want to show the world. And besides, walking is such a slow way to cover ground when you’re just out randomly looking for things to shoot. I much prefer biking.

As you can see from the beginning of this post by Trey Ratcliff, things often don’t work out despite perfect preparation. But as photographers, we can’t control the world, only where we are in it and when. We just have to show up, know how to use our gear, and hope for the best. It’s the process that’s important; probability will take care of the rest. Or so I like to think.

This was taken at the end of a photo walk around a few lakes in Reston. I remember walking into this scene and saying something to the effect of “Ohhhhh yeah… this’ll work.” The air was very still and the water was reflecting perfectly. A very peaceful and serene moment, and I was glad to be there for it with my camera.

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