Blue Hour Kayaking

There’s still at least 20 minutes of light left in this photo. Time enough to walk down to the dock, push the kayak halfway off, sit down in it and lean back until you slide right into the water. The air is still and the current hasn’t picked up, so the paddling should be easy. And with the water this high you can glide right over the marshes. At low tide they become a maze of greenery and you have to stand up on the kayak to see over the top and find your way out, but tonight the kayak will just part the top of the marsh aside until you slip back into deeper water. Look down under the surface as you pass over it and you’ll see dozens of tiny gray snails each climbing their own blade of grass. Drift along slowly while the sun recedes, blue fades to black, and the first stars appear. Then turn back toward the island, with the houselights all strung out across the horizon, and head for home.

4 thoughts on “Blue Hour Kayaking

  1. “Blue Hour” is so beautiful it’s painful.
    As an aside: M.Guerlain named his famously evocative scent for this fleeting time of day, with his beloved city of Paris in mind. But had M.Guerlain seen this exquisite photo, I wonder, might he have thought, phooey to Paris, this is the Blue Hour shown at it’s best? Your sensitivity as an artist truly sings here. Give yourself a happy pat on the back; it’s deserved.
    An art lover thanks you.

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