The Last Jump

When the brown horse with the blue jockey hit the top part of the last jump, splintering the log into two pieces and sending them flying, you could tell everone’s heart skipped a beat. The same thing had happened to a horse last year, breaking its leg and causing it to hobble over to the fence until the horse ambulance arrived. Little did we know that “horse ambulance” is a bit of a misnomer, and its purpose was evidently quite unlike that of a human ambulance. Suffice it to say things did not end well for the injured equine. Fortunately this horse fared better, and seemed to trot off unharmed, but for this 1/1000 of a second you can see the look in the horse and jockey’s faces as they realize something has gone wrong.

2 thoughts on “The Last Jump

  1. awesome shot! love the clarity and the browns and greens really work in this photo.

    it looks like the horse (blue jockey) is sticking his tongue out and thinking “awwww crap!”

  2. Dangers of steeplechasing aside for a moment. Truly enjoy your variety as you explore the lens. Would enjoy a talk regarding several of these shots, for your snap of nature as a backdrop is either luck or brilliance. There was sun enough to put shadow beneath the hooves yet that dark sky belies the set-up, almost as if two photos, two weathers, were melded. Have we a digital age Magritte? No doubt superimposing was not employed, however the drama of grey sky above the cheery grass and silks does much to underscore the dark side of ‘splitting rails.’

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