Sangria at Sunset

Last weekend I went wine tasting with some friends to celebrate a couple of their birthdays, and the last stop of the day was Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, Virginia. As anyone who follows my Flickr photostream knows, I’m a huge fan of dogs at vineyards, and this has to be the most dog-centric vineyard I’ve ever been to. Their initials, of course, are “BOW,” which they make regular use of, and they have portraits of dogs hanging up all over their tasting room. Also, if you look at this photo at full size you can see the logo on their glass features a dog looking up into a tree. There must have been over a dozen happy canines roaming around the property while their owners sipped wine. The ambiance was unbeatable, so we procured a few pitchers of sangria and parked ourselves on a picnic table to watch the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Sangria at Sunset

  1. that is some great color and detail. you can see the discolorations on the wires. really awesome. you should alert BOW to the photo!

  2. Reid, the colors are stunning! And I agree that Barrel Oak should use this picture to promote their winery.

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