Fire Station 4 in Action

I drove past this fire station the other night and was really surprised to see that all the bay doors were open. This was pretty unusual, and since it’s been my goal to get a follow-up shot to Fire Station 4 in Red that shows the interior, I picked up my camera gear and immediately drove back to the station. As I was setting up for the shot an ambulance drove out, and then this fire engine switched all its lights on as the fire fighters stowed their gear. It pulled out just seconds later (you can see from the glow that they have a green light). Along with the earlier pic, these two photos are my fire station equivalent of Goya’s Majas ;)

One thought on “Fire Station 4 in Action

  1. My husband is a fire fighter at this station. I’m interested in purchasing a print of this photo. Do you sell your work?

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