Directly south of the bridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island, the Mount Vernon Trail becomes an elevated wooden walkway through a stretch of marshland along the Potomac. It’s one of my favorite parts of the trail. Biking over the wooden slats at high speed feels really awesome, and although I should probably be taking care not to run over slower moving pedestrians, my eyes always drift to the side and fixate on this part of the bridges overhead. A few weeks ago I finally climbed over the railing and jumped off the platform to get a shot of this overlooked urban feature. The colors in this scene were pretty bland, so I thought converting the image to black and white would more effectively highlight the lines, shapes, and textures of the bridges.

One thought on “Convergence

  1. There is nothing like a black and white photo. Kudos to you for forgoing color in favor of murk. I’m feeling pedantic, so add that this shot is very special in terms of composition. I cannot resist a comment on the sky, too, as it naturally is doing what Spielberg attempted via computer during that last dramatic (close your eyes if you know what’s good for you) scene. Hold it there, is that Salvidor Dali emerging from those clouds? Yes, the hair, the eyes, that unforgettable nose… Love the 90 degrees repeated. Fun lesson of perspective, outwitted somewhat by bridges’ mirrored curves.

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