Reflecting Pool Duck Pond

While I was processing this photo I kept zooming in on the mother duck and wondering why she looked so much sharper than her young. After comparing this with a few other pics, I figured out the problem: it wasn’t that the ducklings were out of focus, they’re just that fuzzy in real life. This adorable little flock paddled around the Reflecting Pool for a while and then hopped out onto the side. Where they were headed, I have no idea. It didn’t look like these tiny fledglings could fly yet, so did they all waddle their way to the Potomac or was this their permanent residence? If the latter, I’m sure the ubiquitous hordes of tourists keep them well fed.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting Pool Duck Pond

  1. nice pic. amazing how the WWII monument looks so small and unimportant next to the Washington Monument. Impressive in real life though!

    The wading pool is already starting to look scummy! YEAH, DC summers!

  2. On the cusp of spring we were at the Botanical Garden but first passed the ellipse in order to get there. The wind was blowing hard and in the roughened waters of the ellipse, bobbing up and down, were what seemed to be fifteen or so brand-new, white jogging shoes. Blinking the wind from our eyes, we saw the shoes were in fact sun-brightened gulls, city gulls and a laughable sight. For whimsy’s sake, would love you to crop mid-way down the photo to show an overturned obelisk with the mother duck and brood; or crop further so that only the one duckling is seen shattering the overturned monument.

    1. I actually have that exact photo, so no cropping will be necessary! I posted this picture instead because I thought the the scattered reflection of the Washington Monument would be too hard to identify, but since I’ve had multiple requests for that composition I’ll post it sometime in the future. Thanks for all the comments!

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