A Feast for Bees

It’s springtime and all the bees are famished. I was walking around with my camera a few days ago and was struck by the outrageously brilliant colors on all the perennials that had popped up; I got in close to this one for a shot and noticed it was a focal point for what seemed like a small flock of bees. It got me thinking – if this plant look this great to me, how incredible must it look to them? These flowers are their sole objective in life, the goal for their entire existence. In whatever spectrum they see the world, the sight of this flower must unleash the equivalent of a massive dopamine rush in their tiny brains. While I was taking this photo I’d guess there were about half a dozen bees buzzing around my head. This would ordinarily have caused me some concern, but I felt sure they were all too focused on the surrounding flora to even notice me.

A Herd of Happy Westies

As Meredith and I were getting ready to start walking back from the Jefferson Memorial, we saw what looked like a small flock of lambs in the distance. Turns out it was a group of no less than eight white terriers, all leashed up and meandering around their owner. It’s a wonder that he was able to avoid being totally entangled. Of course we had to stop by and say hello! These dogs looked so happy with their tongues out… but then again, maybe that’s just us projecting our emotions on them? They could have been miserable for all I know; it was pretty hot, they all had shaggy fur coats, and weren’t even able to sweat. They definitely seemed to be enjoying all the attention though, which was certainly not in short supply. I mean who can resist a bunch of Westies?

Under the Cherry Blossoms

I was really excited about shooting the cherry blossoms this weekend and packed all my gear for a walk down to the Tidal Basin, including my tripod. This turned out to be a huge mistake, as the crowds were so dense that setting it up would have been sheer madness. I spent the entire seven mile trek with it strapped horizontally at waist height under the top flap of my camera bag, all the while worrying that the legs of it were going to hit some rambunctious little kid in the face. Despite the crowds (worst since the inauguration) and mud, it was actually a really beautiful day and I took hundreds of photos. The HDR process really helped this one; in the original photo, the trees were so dark compared to the background that you could barely tell they were pink at all.

Garden View

Between each section of student rooms on the Lawn at UVA there’s a two-story Pavilion which is meant to house a professor and his or her family. Behind each of those is a garden, such as the one pictured below. It must be a great view to wake up to in the morning. I’m a sucker for symmetry, so this particular garden really appealed to me. Charlottesville is always beautiful in the spring and I can only imagine how great the grounds look down there right now with everything in bloom. On a side note, I’ve decided to move the posting schedule for this blog to Mondays and Thursdays. These pictures take a while to process, and recently it seems like there’s always something happening on Fridays that I’m late to because I’m doing last-minute photo editing!