Waiting for the Sun

Since I had a very red-themed photo last week I thought I’d make use of complementary colors and post something with a lot of green. This garden certainly fits the bill; when I walked through it that day it reminded me of England (or maybe Ireland), where everything looks lush, grown in, slightly damp, and sports a patina of moss. Speaking of greenery, I’m really excited that winter is nearly over. My camera hasn’t seen spring or summer yet, and I can’t wait to get outside for some warm-weather shooting!

There is a paradise of form and colors in the world. And because you have eyes still in good condition, you can get in touch with the paradise. So when I become aware of my eyes, I touch one of the conditions of happiness. And when I touch it, happiness comes.   – Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun

  1. Love the bright spot of red in the upper left corner, allows for a nice transition from the red of the previous photo or even the one you have of the fall colors in DC.

    The greens are really lush here, for it being fall. I love all the different shades. Particularly impressed by the state of the waterspout.

    However, was it particularly cold that day? The overcast sky really makes me think “chilly.”

    1. Not chilly really, but definitely cool considering it was late October. As I recall this was also pretty close to sunset. Thanks for the comment!

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