Home on the Range

Look left as you walk from McCormick Road toward the Lawn and you’ll see a fantastic tunnel effect leading down to the Chapel. Underneath these archways is what’s known as “The Range,” a section of housing for grad students, which is part of the original Academical Village designed by none other than TJ himself. Despite the uniformity of the columns and doorways that provide this visual effect, each threshold is made unique by the flyers, furniture, whiteboards, decorations, and random adornments of whoever lives there. One room is permanently protected by a large pane of glass and houses early 19th century furnishings – the residence formerly occupied by Edgar Allan Poe, until his gambling debts caught up to his tuition.

Waiting for the Sun

Since I had a very red-themed photo last week I thought I’d make use of complementary colors and post something with a lot of green. This garden certainly fits the bill; when I walked through it that day it reminded me of England (or maybe Ireland), where everything looks lush, grown in, slightly damp, and sports a patina of moss. Speaking of greenery, I’m really excited that winter is nearly over. My camera hasn’t seen spring or summer yet, and I can’t wait to get outside for some warm-weather shooting!

There is a paradise of form and colors in the world. And because you have eyes still in good condition, you can get in touch with the paradise. So when I become aware of my eyes, I touch one of the conditions of happiness. And when I touch it, happiness comes.   – Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk

Fire Station 4 in Red

Right down the street from where I live is one of Arlington’s fire stations. Whenever I drive past it at night it always catches my eye because of the brilliant red hue imbued on it by the adjacent traffic lights.  I find it slightly ironic that the facade of this building dedicated to public safety looks so evocative of fire and danger. I’d been meaning to shoot this building for a few months and finally got it while I was wandering around with my camera around midnight; what I’d love to get next is a shot of the station with the bay doors open. I hear sirens going by my apartment all the time, so at some point when the engines roll by I’ll have to grab my gear and camp outside to await their return.

Side note: There seems to have been some kind of infant bathing safety campaign going on outside the station at the time I took this photo, visible in the bottom right. Some readers may be familiar with the characters. When did Peter grow a ‘stache?

The Daring Gull

Seagulls are probably on the second rung from the bottom as far as ornithological wildlife photography goes, with the most base subject being pigeons. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, and since seagulls are ubiquitous in coastal areas it seemed like a natural first step. This was taken on one of the barrier islands off of Wilmington, North Carolina. The island and its marshes are teeming with birds, and I’m planning to rent a more powerful lens next time I’m down there to get some detailed pics of the sandpipers, egrets, and pelicans for use later this year. And don’t worry, I’ve got some pigeon photos as well.