Less is More: the iPhone Camera

Before I got an iPhone, I was so excited about the multitude of built-in gadgets that I routinely salivated like Pavlov’s dogs when I saw ads for it on TV. The one feature I was only tepidly anticipating, however, was the camera. Boy was that a mistake. It wasn’t until I read this post by Chase Jarvis that I realized that far from being a mediocre add-on, it’s actually a powerful tool for improving photography skills and taking interesting snapshots. Why, you ask?

  • You have it on you at all times, or at least somewhere nearby. Who knows when something’s going to catch your eye? I can’t lug my Nikon around 24/7.
  • You can share the pics you take instantaneously via Twitter, email, and now SMS text messaging.
  • There’s only one button. ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc., are all completely out of your hands. Far from being a disadvantage, this is actually its core strength: the iPhone is great for working on composition, because that’s absolutely the only thing you can control. Fill the frame and push the button.

The iPhone is also useful for learning about the basics of post-processing (if you could call it that) through applications like Best Camera, which allows you to apply multiple filters to a photo simultaneously. I used to apply filters and think “that looks cool” without really knowing why, until I later learned to connect the effects I saw to specific changes in contrast, saturation, color temperature, vignetting, and so on. If you have an iPhone I highly recommend you download the Best Camera app and give it a try!

I post some of my iPhone shots in a Facebook gallery that you can view here, as well as on the Best Camera website at this location. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Next up: Flickr and the first 1%

One thought on “Less is More: the iPhone Camera

  1. Could not agree more on the iphone camera benefits. Really just discovered the fun of texting photos and may upgrade my old iphone just to get the better camera. keep up the good work.

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