407R over Rosslyn

On the morning of the Marine Corps Marathon I put my camera in a backpack and got on my bike. You really can’t beat biking around a major city on roads have been closed to all vehicular traffic. However, one thing that probably tops it is flying over a major city in a helicopter, which is what my Dad was doing at the time for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. After a few hours of pedaling around taking photos I got a call saying they would be resuming their air patrol after refueling, and I gave him my location for a fly-by. I got this shot right as they flew past the Memorial Bridge with the Rosslyn skyline stretching out behind them.

Technical note: unlike the other HDRs here so far, this one was developed from a single RAW file since the helicopter was moving way too fast to get three exposures that would line up properly. The best example of where the tonemapping process brings out detail in this photograph is the Sheriff star underneath the helicopter, which is completely blacked out in the “correctly exposed” original JPEG.

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4 thoughts on “407R over Rosslyn

  1. definitely a great photo of yours. The great thing about this HDR is that it doesn’t look like a fantasy photo or anything, it just really adds incredible detail to the photo and gives the flora a great healthy saturation. Those trees look on fire!

  2. Not necessarily, but having played around with the original file in Photoshop quite a bit, I don’t think I could have gotten the same look to this photo without the HDR treatment. Also, nice spelling… is that the Brit in you coming through? =)

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